Marina – a simplicity beach editorial

21. Februar 2017

Maybe you already know I am a sucker for the most simplest things. Pasta with tomato sauce. Water with lemon. White tees and black jeans. Or a girl with the most perfect black bathing suit. When it comes to composition I don’t need much. The simplest things get me straight when I see them. When we arrived in Tulum I knew this is the perfect place for simple shoots which have it all. When Marina texted me she will arrive in Tulum in a few days I thought she was just kidding me. But she wasn’t. Everything came together and we shot our way through this afternoon and almost couldn’t stop. When people ask me why I work during my vacation, I answer it is no work for me at all. I just envisioned my ideas at a place where I felt so free, because everything was so simple. And that’s why I am simply in love with my work.


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